Roll of Honour

Below is a list of men and women from the local area who died in the First World War. It has been collated from all the war memorials in the area, as well as information from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and other local sources.

But the information is far from complete and we would like to gather together as much information on these people, and any others from the area who served in the conflict. If you can help us by contributing any documents, photographs, objects or stories that you have then please contact us at:


Austin, Charles (Private)
Eaves, Harry (Gunner)
Edmunds, Edwin (Private)
Hopcraft, Sidney Arthur (Lance Corporal)
Knapton, Rowland
Markham, Joseph (Private)
Shaw, Henry (Private)
Turner, Henry Edwin (Private)
Turner, William Tuffrey (Private)


Elliott, William (Private)
Gibbard, Bernard Kenneth (Private)
Hollis, Frederick (Private)
Judge, Gerald (Private)
Judge, Ronald Melville (Private)
May, Howard Stanley (Private)
May, William Clarence (2nd Lieutenant)
Mitchell, Albert Edward (Private)
Nicholls, Harry
Searle, George Thomas (Private)


Aldridge, George (Private)
Busby, Percy (Private)
Cherry, James (Private)
Deeley, Percy (Private)
Gaskins, Thomas (Private)
Hurst, James Peter (Private)
Sharp, Charles Robert (Private)


Doyne, Philip Denys (Lieutenant)
Harsley, Lionel W. (Lance Corporal)
Jordan, Arthur James (Private)
Mocatta, Robert Menzies (2nd Lieutenant)
Payne, Harold Victor (Private)
Sumner, George Aubrey (Private)


Adams, Frederick (Private)
Alldridge, William John (Lance Corporal)
Allen, Richard John (Private)
Andrews, Walter George (Corporal)
Ashmore, Henry (Private)
Austin, Charles (Private)
Ayris, Thomas George (Sergeant)
Ayris, Thomas Henry (Private)
Bangs, Percival Charles (Private)
Bannister, Arthur (Private)
Bates, Arthur Rest (Private)
Baughan, Joseph George (Private)
Bicheno, Edwin Shelton (Private)
Blaxley, Stewart Lenton (2nd Lieutenant)
Blencowe, Albert (Rifleman)
Bonham-Carter, Guy (Captain)
Bottrell, Jesse (Lance Corporal)
Boyles, Albert Henry Grace (Private)
Brockless, Albert Edward (Corporal)
Butler, William (Private)
Clifton, Howard George (Private)
Coggins, Walter Leonard (Rifleman)
Coggins, Wilfred George (2nd Lieutenant)
Coker, Cadwallader John (Lieutenant)
Coker, John Cadwallader (Lieutenant)
Coles, Albert Edgar (Private)
Coles, Charles Albert (Private)
Coles, George Walter (Private)
Coles, William M. (Private)
Collett, Cecil Joseph (Gunner)
Colton, Charles George (Corporal)
Coppock, Arthur George (Private)
Couling, Herbert Edward (Sergeant)
Davies, Vivian David (Private)
Dean, James (Private)
Drover, Charles Peacock (Lieutenant)
Durrant, Cyril George Pople (Engine Room Artificer)
East, Albert Douglas (Private)
East, Arthur (Sergeant)
Egerton, William (Private)
Ellington, Vincent Sampson (Private)
Fane, Horatio Alfred (Captain)
Fane, Octavius Edward (Major)
Fane, Robert Gerald (Commander)
Farley, George Herbert (2nd Lieutenant)
Fathers, Frederick William (Gunner)
Francis, Albert Jubilee (Lieutenant)
Francis, John Gilbert (Private)
Golder, Edgar (Private)
Gordon, Frank (Gunner)
Grace, Henry George (Private)
Grace, William James (Private)
Grantham, Thomas Arthur (Private)
Grimsley, John (Private)
Grimsley, John Howard (Sergeant)
Grimsley, William Henry G. (Lieutenant)
Hall, William Henry (Lance Corporal)
Harris, George
Harris, Henry (Company Sergeant Major)
Harris, William (Rifleman)
Hawkins, Albert George (Guardsman)
Hawtin, Cyril Morgan (Private)
Heape, Brian Ruston (Captain)
Hedges, Cecil Egerton (Private)
Herring, Aubrey (Rifleman)
Hines, George (Sapper)
Hirons, Arthur (Private)
Hirons, Francis John (Rifleman)
Hirons, George (Private)
Hirons, Maurice Edward (Private)
Hoare, Charles Morgan (Lieutenant)
Hudson, Samuel (Private)
Hudson, Thomas (Able Seaman)
Hunt, William Thomas (Private)
Jeacock, William Joseph (Private)
Jenkins, William (Private)
Joines, Edward George (Sergeant)
King, Bert (Private)
King, Thomas Pitts (Rifleman)
King, William
King, William Joseph (Lance Corporal)
Lamb, Herbert Joseph (2nd Lieutenant)
Lambourne, Ernest Arthur (Sergeant)
Lang, William Arnold (Private)
Lee, William George (Private)
Martin, Basil Thomas (Private)
Massey, Sidney (Pioneer)
Norbury, Philip Giesler (Lieutenant)
Parker, Henry Thomas (Private)
Parker, Ralph Windsor (Captain)
Parrott, Harry Spencer (Private)
Payne, Percy Frederick (Lance Corporal)
Payne, William (Private)
Pitts, Ernest Walter (Shoeing Smith)
Pitts, Samuel (Private)
Pollard, James (Private)
Powell, Albert (Private)
Powell, Frank (Private)
Powell, Herbert Percy (Rifleman)
Pratt, John (Private)
Rawlings, George William (Private)
Rhymes, Lewis (Private)
Richardson, William Ernest (Lance Corporal)
Robinson, George (Private)
Russell, William James (Private)
Sansom, Frederick John (Private)
Scrivener, Arthur James (Private)
Sherwood, Caleb John (Sergeant)
Simmonds, Ralph Edward (Corporal)
Simmonds, Thomas Herbert (Rifleman)
Simons, William Charles (Private)
Slayter, Walter (Lance Corporal)
Smith, Francis John (Lieutenant)
Smith, Frederick Thomas (Private)
Smith, Isaac (Private)
Smith, Reginald Arthur (Corporal)
Spyer, Joseph (Rifleman)
Stairs, Sidney (Private)
Stanley, Herbert Joseph (Lance Corporal)
Stone, Thomas Percival (Private)
Swell, Cyril Henry (Sapper)
Temple, George (Pioneer)
Tibbetts, Henry Edward Roger (Private)
Tompkins, Gerald Joseph (Corporal)
Truman, Alfred Holloway (2nd Lieutenant)
Turner, George Howard (Private)
Turney, Cyril James (Private)
Walduck, Walter (Private)
Winman, James (Private)
Wood, Ernest (Private)

Bicester Methodist Church

Ayris, Thomas George (Sergeant)
Grimsley, John Howard (Sergeant)
Hedges, Cecil Egerton (Private)
Jenkins, William (Private)
King, Albert (Private)
King, Thomas Pitts (Rifleman)
Parker, Henry Thomas (Private)
Richardson, William Ernest (Lance Corporal)
Smith, Francis John (Lieutenant)


Annesley, Arthur, The Hon. (Captain)
Bateman, Harvey (Leading Cook's Mate)
Bazeley, Gordon Cecil (Sergeant)
Bowlby, Geoffrey Vaux Salvin (Captain)
Bullock, George Augustus (Gunner)
Clanfield, Albert Thomas (Driver)
Collett, Henry Willie (1st Cl: Boy)
Cooling, George John (Sergeant)
Dearlove, George William Dix (Private)
Drinkwater, William James (Private)
Kerwood, Robert (Private)
Morris, George (Private)
Morris, Joseph Coles (Private)
Neal, Alfred James Randall (Private)
Stonehill, Arthur Cecil (Private)
Taylor, Ernest Frank (Lance Corporal)
Walklett, Ronald Anthony (Lance Corporal)
Whyton, Wallace Jethro (Private)
Wilkins, Ernest David (Private)


Best, Henry (Gunner)
Butler, Ernest George (Private)
Haines, William (Private)
Jameson, Edgar John (Private)
Nash, Percy (Private)
Owen, Francis Whitwell (Private)
Painter, Charles (Private)
Powell, Frederick James (Private)
Sumner, Reginald Budd (Private)
Tibbetts, Henry Edward Roger (Private)
Waddup, William Samuel (Private)
Woodhouse, Richard (Private)
Wyatt, John (Private)


Busby, Edward John (Private)
Phillips, Eustace Edward Lovett (2nd Lieutenant)


Collett, Arthur John (Private)
Collett, William (Private)
Cooper, Arthur (Private)
Cooper, George James (Lance Corporal)
Cox, Arthur (Private)
Honour, Albert David (Lance Corporal)
Lamborn, Edward Christopher (Rifleman)
Merry, Arthur John (Private)
Scraggs, Walter (Private)
Shepherd, William James (Rifleman)
Veary, Thomas John (Private)
Wise, Herbert William (Private)


Austin, George Frederick Thomas (Private)
Baker, Basil Howard (Lieutenant)
Berry, Frederick (Private)
Hathaway, Walter George (Private)
Hawkins, Albert George (Guardsman)
Hoare, Charles Morgan (Lieutenant)
Hopcraft, William George (Private)
How, John Christian (2nd Lieutenant)
Inwood, Albert Frederick (Private)
Pittam, Percy Frederick (Private)
Porter, Ralph (Private)
Porter, Richard (Gunner)


Blaby, John (Private)
Blaby, William (Rifleman)
Blencowe, Ernest Alfred Victor (Private)
Cross, Allan Dennis (Private)
Cross, Leeman John (Private)
Farrer, Henry Patrick Stephen (Driver)
Gaskin, Sidney (Lance Corporal)
Harris, Hubert (Sapper)
Peverell, Ernest (Gunner)
Peverell, W.
Timms, Edwin (Private)


Bignell, Herbert L. (Private)
Clifford, Archibald (Private)
Clifford, Frank (Private)
Clifford, William (Private)
Davies, George Frederick (Private)
Paxton, Wilfred (Lance Corporal)
Symes-Thompson, Cholmeley (Captain)


Batchelor, Frederick James (Private)
Dixon, James (Captain)
Gerring, John William (Private)
Marriott, Charles Thomas (Private)
Richardson, Charles Ernest (Private)
Spearman, Alexander Young Crawshay Mainwaring (Commander)
Waring, Alfred (Private)
Wrighton, Alfred (Private)


Allen, William E. (Driver)
Bennett, Arthur James (Private)
Drake, Alfred (Lance Corporal)
Harrup, Frederick James (Private)
Righton, Edward Duncan (Private)
Slayter, Walter (Lance Corporal)
Waddup, Frank (Private)
Waddup, William Samuel (Private)
Watts, Henry James (Private)
Watts, William (Private)
White, Reginald William (Private)


Walton, Albert Edward (Private)
Webb, William Arthur George (Private)

Hampton Poyle

Sperrin, Hubert Victor (Private)


Adams, Cyril Joseph George (Lance Corporal)
Cox, Harry (Sergeant)
Fathers, John Walter (Private)
French, Harold Alfred (Private)
French, Percy James (Private)
Lane, Edwin Francis (Private)
Langford, Albert (Private)
Meads, George (Private)
Smith, Frank (Private)
Stevens, William Thomas (Private)
Trafford, William Arthur Thomas (Private)
Watkin, Henry George (Major)


Blake, Henry Thomas (Rifleman)
Busby, Albert William (Private)
Buswell, George Newton (Private)
Cox, Arthur (Private)
Cox, Reginald Gilbert (Sergeant)
Green, Thomas George (Private)
Haynes, Herbert William (Private)
Hicks, Joseph William (Lance Corporal)
Jones, Jesse (2nd Lieutenant)
Pettigrew, Donald (Private)
Pym, Frederick (Sergeant)
Stanton, Alfred George (Private)
Stanton, Alfred William (Private)


Avery, Joseph (Private)
Bagnall, Nathaniel (Private)
Bowerman, Joseph (Bombardier)
Burden, Gilbert Humphries (Sergeant)
Caffyn, Harold Hunt (Captain)
Drinkwater, Arnold (Private)
Duffield, William Barnard (Private)
Edwards, William John (Private)
Faulks, Walter James (Private)
Gardner, George Hollis (Private)
Gibbard, Henry (Harry) (Private)
Hombersley, Mary (Nurse)
Jones, Ellis (Private)
King, Frederick James (Driver)
Marshall, Alec Stuart (Corporal)
Medcraft, William Alfred (Jesse) (Private)
Millioni, Joseph James (Private)
Mulford, Frank Allan (Acting Corporal)
Neale, Edwin (Private)
Penn, William Thomas (Private)
Sherrell, William James (Petty Officer)
Smith, Joseph (Lance Corporal)
Smith, William C. (Private)
Stevens, Henry
Stopp, Arthur Thomas (Private)
Tompkins, Gerald Joseph (Corporal)
Tubb, William John (Sergeant)
Tuffrey, Albert (Alfred) (Private)
Tuffrey, Trevor Sidney (Private)
Warner, John (Private)
Watson, Albert
Whyton, Wallace Jethro (Private)
Wise, Herbert William (Private)
Woodall, John Frederick (2nd Lieutenant)


Buckley, Humphry Paul Stennett (Captain)
Dashwood, Ernest George (Captain)
Dashwood, Lionel Albert (2nd Lieutenant)
Dashwood, Wilfred James (Lieutenant)
Davis, H. H. (Private)
Edgington, Arthur (Lance Corporal)
Edgington, Walter (Gunner)
Edgington, William Isaac (Private)
Giles, Charles Douglas (Private)
Hayward, James Henry (Private)
Hayward, Sydney (Private)
Herbert, Gerald Horatio (Private)
King, William Thomas (Private)
Lambourne, Arthur William (Private)
Lambourne, Harry (Private)
Mosto, Richard William (Private)
Pratt, Lionel Allan (Sergeant)
Rainbow, Leonard (Private)
Simmonds, Frank (Private)
Tyrrell, Frederick Henry (Private)
Walton, Cuthbert George (Able Seaman)
Walton, William Thomas (Private)
Wise, George Henry (Private)


Austin, Frank (Lance Corporal)
Brown, Thomas Beck (Private)
Busby, Edward John (Private)
Butler, Arthur George (Private)
Butler, William Charles (Private)
Castle, Albert Edward (Private)
Castle, Arthur George (Rifleman)
Castle, Aubrey (Private)
Castle, Herbert Charles (Private)
Freeman, George (Private)
Harper, Charles Richard
Jeacock, Ezra Richard (Private)
Kightley, Harry Robert (Private)
Lambourne, Ernest Arthur (Sergeant)
Marriott, George (Private)
Massey, John (Private)
Penn, Arthur (Sapper)
Simons, Archibald (Private)
Simons, William Charles (Private)
Smith, Thomas Austin (Gunner)

Lower Heyford

Adams, John (Private)
Hazell, Henry (Harry) (Corporal)
Hounslow, Albert (Private)
Larner, George (Gunner)
Maccabee, Edwin James (Private)
Manley, John
Norman, Harry Charles
Pearman, Thomas James (Private)
Perks, Frederick (Private)
Waddup, Albert (Private)
Waddup, George Ernest (Driver)


Ayres, Bernard (Driver)
Ayres, Vincent (Private)
Crawford, Frederick Arthur (Private)
Crawford, Percival (Private)
Holiday, William Garnet (Private)
Kirtland, Arthur (Lance Corporal)
Kirtland, Bertram (Bombardier)
Kirtland, Sidney (Lance Corporal)
Shepherd, Isaac Henry (Private)
Shepherd, William James (Rifleman)
Thomson, Reginald Gresham (Lieutenant)
Turner, Henry Edwin (Private)

Middleton Stoney

Bolton, Frederick Charles (Private)
Fox, Frank (Lance Corporal)
Golby, Wilfred Clarence (Private)
Hodges, William (Private)
Hughes, Albert (Private)
Johnson, Walter (Private)
Titcombe, Frank Charles (Private)
Turney, Frederick (Lance Corporal)
Varney, George William (Lance Corporal)
Varney, Thomas (Acting Bombardier)
Waddup, Albert (Private)
Williams, Henry (Private)


Blencowe, Edward Henry (Private)
Paxton, Leslie Hamilton (Sergeant)
Strickland, Reginald (2nd Lieutenant)


Cox, Arthur (Private)

Newton Purcell

Holton, Leonard (Private)
Horwood, John (Lance Corporal)
Horwood, Oliver (Private)


Gibbard, Henry (Harry) (Private)


Franklin, James
Franklin, Thomas (Private)
Long, William (Private)
Price, Edwin Thomas (Private)
Price, Harry (Private)
Price, Joseph
Price, Leonard (Gunner)
Wiggins, Cyril (Private)


Busby, Leonard (Private)


Allen, John Henry
Hollis, Frederick (Private)
Lewis, Albert Andrew George (Private)
Stevens, Harry Thomas (Private)
Watts, Henry James (Private)
Watts, William (Private)
Wise, Francis Harry Varney (Lieutenant)
Wyatt, George William (Lance Corporal)


Badby, George (Private)
Bates, William Henry (Corporal)
Binding, Harry (Private)
Blencowe, Sidney (Private)
Callow, William James (Private)
Cleaver, George (Private)
Day, George Moore (Stoker, 2nd)
Lake, Arthur John (Private)
Parker, Arthur (Private)
Payne, John Henry (Private)
Robbins, William Frederick (Private)
Robbins, William Robert (Private)
Rudd, Kenneth Sutherland (Captain)
Swetman, Frederick Henry (Private)
Swetman, William John (Private)
Westbury, Aubrey Ernest (Private)
Westbury, Walter Thomas (Private)
Westbury, William Henry (Lance Corporal)

Stoke Lyne

Brandrick, Cecil Arthur (Private)
Butler, Charles William (Private)
Collins, Gilbert (Private)
Curtis, William Harry (Private)
Damant, Percy Allen (Private)
Golder, William Mervyn (Private)
Hinton, Harry George (Private)
May, Howard Stanley (Private)
May, William Clarence (2nd Lieutenant)
Peyton, Henry Sydney Charles (Lieutenant-Colonel)

Stratton Audley

Ayris, Albert (Private)
Ayris, Thomas Henry (Private)
Cox, Harry (Sergeant)
Cox, John Henry (Private)
Dagley, William James (Private)
Eyles, James Henry (Private)
House, Richard James (Private)
Norton, Ernest Arthur (Rifleman)
Stevens, John Edward (Private)
Thorpe, Richard George (Sergeant)

Upper Heyford

Allen, Arthur (Private)
Baylis, Jesse William (Private)
Boddington, Joseph John (Private)
Cooper, Corin Henry Benedict (Lieutenant)
Dale, Christopher James (Private)
Dale, Thomas Robert (Private)
Golder, Albert (Private)
Golder, Arthur Charles Benson (Private)
Hudson (Izzard), Tom (Comp. Sergeant Major)
Mullis, George Edwin (Captain)
Norman, James (Signaller)
Reed, Alan Thomas (Lieutenant)
Scragg, Jesse (Private)
Scragg, Sidney George (Private)
Slatter, Thomas William (Private)
Wilson, Frederick John (Private)


Blackwell, Alfred Read (Private)
Hathaway, Albert James (Private)
Hathaway, Walter George (Private)
Hathaway, William (Private)
Hathaway, William George (Private)
Holton, Arthur William (Private)
Wheeler, John Cyril (Private)


Bertie, Richard Frederick Norreys (Lieutenant)
Boddington, Gilbert (Private)
Butler, Ernest George (Private)
Butler, Percy (Private)
Cox, Edmund (Gunner)
Humphrey, John Albert (2nd Lieutenant)
Porter, Ralph (Private)
Scott, Edgar Stanley (2nd Lieutenant)
Walton, John (Private)
Williscroft, Walter Balmer (2nd Lieutenant)
Wise, Thomas (Private)
Wise, William (Gunner)