Local Digs


Archaeological Excavation Author Publication Date
Late Iron Age Enclosed Settlement at Bicester Fields Farm, Bicester C. Mould Oxoniensia. Vol. LXIV Pg. 153 1999
Iron Age Boundary and Settlement Features at Slade Farm, Bicester 1996 Marie Cromarty & Stuart Foreman Oxoniensia Vol. LXV Pg. 211 2000
Linear Earthwork, Tribal Boundary and Ritual Beheading: Aves Ditch from the Iron Age to the Early Middle Ages Eberhard Sauer B.A.R. British Series 402 Archaeopress, Oxford 2005
Excavation of Early Bronze Age Cremations and a Late Iron Age settlement at Finmere Quarry, North East Oxfordshire Jonathan Hart, David Kenyon & Andrew Mudd Oxoniensia Vol. LXXV Pg. 97 2010
Late Iron Age Settlement and burial near Aves Ditch on the Angelinos Pumping Station to Ardley Reservoir Mains Pipeline Jonathan Hart, E.R. McSloy, Sylvia Warman & Andrew Mudd Oxoniensia Vol. LXXV Pg. 133 2010



Archaeological Excavation Author Publication Date
Romano-Celtic Temple at Woodeaton R. Goodchild & J.R. Kirk Oxoniensia Vol. XIX Pg. 15 1954
Defences of Roman Alchester C.J. Young Oxoniensia Vol. XL Pg. 136 1975
Faccenda Chicken Farm, near Alchester 1983 M. Foreman, S. Rahtz et al Oxoniensia Vol. XLIX Pg. 23 1984
Sections across the Roman Road south of Alchester R.A. Chambers Oxoniensia Vol. LII Pg. 181 1987
Extramural Settlement of Roman Alchester P.M. Booth, J. Evans & J. Hiller Oxford Archaeology Monograph No.1 1991
Recent Discoveries at Alchester and Woodeaton M. Dunkley Oxoniensia Vol. LXVIII Pg. 426 2003
Alchester: Origins and Destiny of Oxfordshire’s Earliest Roman Site Eberhard Sauer Oxoniensia Vol. LXXI Pg. 1 2006
A Roman Settlement at Bicester Park Ailsa Westgarth & Simon Carlisle Oxoniensia Vol. LXXIII Pg. 121 2008
Roman and Late Saxon occupation at 61 Priory Road, Bicester Sean Wallis Oxoniensia Vol. LXXIV Pg 127 2009



Archaeological Excavation Author Publication Date
Anglo-Saxon Bicester: the Minster and the Town John Blair Oxoniensia Vol. LXVII Pg. 133 2002
Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Settlement at Chapel Street, Bicester: Excavations 1999-2000 P.A. Harding & Phil Andrews Oxoniensia Vol. LXVII Pg. 141 2002
Late Saxon, Medieval and Post- Medieval Deposits on Land at Proctor’s Yard, Bicester Graham Hull & Steve Preston Oxoniensia Vol. LXVII Pg. 179 2002


Mediaeval & Post Mediaeval

Archaeological Excavation Author Publication Date
Bicester Priory D.A. Hinton Oxoniensia Vol. XXXIII. Pg. 22 1968
Bicester Priory 1968 D.A. Hinton Oxoniensia Vol. XXXIV. Pg. 21 1969
Bicester Priory D.A. Hinton Oxoniensia Vol. XXXIX. Pg. 99 1974
Middleton Stoney: Excavation and Survey in a North Oxfordshire Parish 1970-1982 Sebastian Rahtz & Trevor Rowley University of Oxford Department for External Studies 1984
Deserted Medieval Settlement at Wretchwick, Ambrosden and the Bicester Ring Road R.A. Chambers Oxoniensia Vol. LVI. Pg. 173 1991
The Paddock, Rectory Lane, Fringford 1993 Paul Blinkhorn, Chrissy Bloor & Dave Thomson O.A.U. Occasional Paper No.6 2000
R.A.F. Bicester, Oxfordshire Clare Challis Thames Valley Archaeological Services 2002
Manor Farm, King’s End, Bicester, Oxfordshire Andrew Mundin Thames Valley Archaeological Services 2007
Bicester Eco Town Exemplar Site, Caversfield, Oxfordshire Brian Dean Oxford Archaeology 2010
Land North West of the Launton Road Roundabout, Skimmingdish Lane, Bicester, Oxfordshire Stephen Hammond Thames Valley Archaeological Services 2005
Merton Grounds Farm, Wendlebury, Bicester, Oxfordshire Andy Taylor Thames Valley Archaeological Services 2006