Upcoming Talks

Our monthly meetings take place at the Clifton Centre, Ashdene Road, and start at 7:30pm.

Below is a list of our upcoming talks, but for more information please contact: Mrs Sally James (Treasurer) on 01869 243804 or email: sallyjames46@hotmail.com

20th April 2020
Dating Old Photographs CANCELLED
Tom Doig

Many people hold collections made by great grandmama who never bothered to mark up who was portrayed or when the photograph was taken. In the special talk, Tom will guide you through the trail of identification and dating using the style of the image, its mount and the process of its manufacture. Visitors are invited to bring their family photographs for dating and a ‘Help Desk’ will be in operation for consultation.

18th May 2020
Straight Joints & Curved Braces: an introduction to observing dateable features in old buildings
Heather Horner

15th June 2020
The production, distribution and use of salt in prehistoric Britain
Dr Janice Kinory

In the modern world, we rarely think too much about salt unless our GP tells us we need to cut back on its use, but in the past, access to salt could be a matter of life and death. This talk will discuss the archaeology of salt in prehistoric Britain from the Bronze Age to the arrival of the Romans. Topics covered include how salt was made, how it may have been distributed and its many uses in the distant (and not so distant) past.

16th November 2020
Alchester: invasion-era fortress, Roman town and predecessor of Bicester
Eberhard Sauer